Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This was posted on a different thread and I thought it would be appropriate to post on the front page. If you are unsure at all about your voter status please visit this site.


Also, I'm pretty sure the deadline to register is October 20th.

[Subject] StateDemocracy.org Equips You for the 2008 Elections

Dear Citizen:
Are you ready yet for the November 4th Elections? How about your friends, family, and neighbors?
More Americans are expected to vote this year than ever before in history, so don’t be left out! Be sure to ask everyone you know the following questions:
 Are you registered to vote? If you moved recently, have you updated your voter registration?
 Did you apply for an Absentee Ballot? Do you know your state may not require any reason?
 Can you find your local Polling Place? Do you know it may have changed from last time?
The answers to these questions -- and all your voting needs -- can be found at www.StateDemocracy.org -- the FREE 1-Stop citizen empowerment portal that Delivers Democracy to your Desktop! StateDemocracy is among the Internet’s first (since 2001) and most encompassing civic empowerment tools.
In order to boost voter participation this year, StateDemocracy.org is offering FREE widgets for all 50 states. You can simply download and embed these widgets into your own website so your visitors can register to vote, get an absentee ballot or find their local polling place.
Lobby Congress Via StateDemocracy

Ken Laureys, Executive Director
StateDemocracy Foundation

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  1. I hope somebody will read this.
    I was raised in Soviet Union. I have studied socialism. I have read Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin.
    First expression about Obama and his speeches and policies was very familiar to me.
    I started studying his biography and political career. His association with Bill Ayers and knowledge of socialism theories pointed me to very familiar facts. Vladimir Lenin in his analysis of Russian revolution in 1917 points to a 3 major conditions in the country and one major move by Bolsheviks (Russian’s revolution agitators) which allowed him to accomplish seizing power over Russian Democratic Government.
    Here they are:
    1. Country at war. (Russia was at war with Germany and people been opposing it.)
    2. Economical downfall (After 1913 best economy Russia fell into economical crisis.)
    3. Real estate crisis (Russian government failed to distribute land for land owners.)
    And last major move by Bolsheviks who infiltrated there agitators to an army, factories and farms to get farmers and blue collar workers involved in overthrowing government.
    Obama knows these canonical rules. His involvement with ACORN and “Public Alliance” agitators proves it even more. Doesn’t it sound similar with situation in United States now? He is betting on it and his agenda is Socialism. Please make it known.